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Planning is a dynamic process of discovery. It entails translating a client's vision into a development strategy, providing a framework in which alternatives are evaluated, capacity is determined, feasibility is tested and a course is set - all with a single goal in mind – creating places where people make memories.

  • Site Selection

  • Site Analysis

  • Visioning Workshops

  • Land Use Program

  • Framework Studies

  • Site Specific Plans

  • Design Guidelines

  • Entitlements

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is the analysis, planning, design, and management of the natural and built environment. We are problem solvers and designers of outdoor spaces who analyze the environmental impact of proposed development, plan for pedestrian and automobile traffic, and determine the best use of each site, working collaboratively with other designers, stakeholders and the public.


  • Conceptual Site Design

  • Design Development

  • Hardscape & Site Features Design

  • Water Feature Design

  • Planting Design

  • Construction Documents

  • Construction Observation Services

Project Visioning

Successfull projects begin with a vision, guiding principles, goals, and ideas that will define the future design of the project. Establishing a vision through the use of design charettes, programming sessions, illustrations, and marketing strategies can help give a project a firm direction and goals needed to guide further design phases and ensure project success.

  • Programming

  • Project-Kickoff Meetings

  • Design Charettes & Visioning Workshops

  • Illustrations

  • Marketing Strategies

BRMC Watson Gap Village
Town Mountain Residence
Lake Tahoe Campground
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