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Williams Residence

Asheville NC


Town Mountain Residence Patio
Town Mountain Residence Entry Gate
Williams Residence Site Plan

VDC collaborating with Carleton Architecture+Design Build, worked on the renovation project that transformed a tired, traditional front façade into a compelling, contemporary composition. The architecture will simplify and streamline the front of the home, exchanging clunky columns for skeletal steel cantilevers and replacing a hodgepodge of siding materials with clean monolithic panels of bluestone and wood.


The landscape will undergo a similar transformation. With the existing front yard being heavily utilitarian, accommodating automobile movements and parking, one of the main gestures of the proposed design is to reclaim this space as a human-scale garden. The site will be set up on intentional axes, which will direct attention to various sculptural pieces. The driveway entry will be remolded to provide a more comfortable pedestrian experience and paving material changes are used to break up the vehicular court into more human-scaled portions. An existing parking space just outside the front door will be converted into a walled entry court, with a site wall tying seamlessly into the architectural wall. The courtyard will feature a bluestone floor, reflective water feature, and sculptural pieces.

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