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Plan Graphic-Overall
Student Plaza_sketchfinal
East Carolina University
Student Plaza

East Carolina University

Student Plaza Drive

Greenville NC


VDC & Rivers and Associates engineers were selected in a competition to develop the design for a new multi-modal promenade and green space through a major pedestrian thoroughfare of the East Carolina University campus in Greenville, NC.  This was the first project implemented as part of the newly adopted campus master plan.


VDC developed initial site analysis, studying patterns of circulation and access to the site along with existing develoment and design patterns used throughout the campus.  The proposed plan separates the vehicular lane from the pedestrian way with a series of low seat walls, berms and plantings while also transforming the space from utilitarian and vehicular in scale, into a habitable, human-scaled corridor. The flowing form of the promenade ties into an important student plaza space to the west of the project. The existing parking lot was replaced with a large green that will act as an informal amphitheater as well as an infiltration zone for stormwater.

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