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El Alamo Residence

Danville, CA

Duffield Home-Duffield Home-0140
Duffield Home-0074
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Duffield Home-0125
Duffield Home-Duffield Home-0116
Duffield Home-0089
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Duffield Home-0139

An extensive private residence renovation project that transformed a tired backyard into an entertaining space for family and friends. The design program includes a new pool and pavilion, guest bath house, water slides, firepit, a shade pergola, and activity lawn.


As part of the project, the owners wanted to remove an existing pool and pool house and start with a blank slate, looking to create better flow and views between the house and backyard as well as introduce entertaining and activity spaces throughout. In order to achieve this, VDC located a new pool pavilion up against an existing hillside, allowing more open views from the main living spaces of the house, while providing connectivity to the main pool and outdoor seating areas.


The main pool terrace spills out into a great lawn allowing for ease of interaction between the two spaces. VDC located the slides on an existing hillside and designed a dense, lush landscape to help nestle the slides into the slope

Photography by Stacey Pentland

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