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Asheville Christian Academy

Swannanoa NC

Under Construction - Summer 2017 to Spring 2017


Vision Design Collaborative was selected to be the lead designer of an extensive playground re-model at the Asheville Christian Academy.

One of the primary focus's of the re-design was to properly handle stormwater on site.  The existing playground was prone to staying wet long after rainfall events, with runnels and low wet spots throughout the site. VDC, in working with a civil engineer, developed a grading and stormwater plan that ensured proper drainage away from the building, capturing the water in drain inlets throughout the site, with a slow release system back into the natural drainage corridors to properly handle a 25 storm event.  All mulch areas as well as the large activity field were designed to also have sub-surface drainage system to avoid water logged play areas after rainfalls.


The playground was broken up into a K-2 play area and a 3-5 play area with a shared multi-purpose field.  The centerpiece of the K-2 play area is a climbing mound with an accessible walkway to the top and built-in slope slides.   An outdoor classroom with shade sails and seating was also incorporated into the design to allow for outdoor learning opportunities.

The k-2 play area also incorporates a stream feature where kids can manipulate the stream bed by moving river rocks around and building dam structures.  The stream terminates at the new circular sand box to allow for sand and water play, with a gazebo structure overhead for sun and rain protection. 


The 3-5 year old playground was designed to have a outdoor stage with shade sail as well as a new sport court.  Both play areas will have extensive new play equipment and swings sets.   

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